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Essential HR

We will support you and your organisation with all of the key activities involved with employing individuals.  


Do you have an employee who is not pulling their weight?  Are there employees who are taking more time off sick than is reasonable?  Are you concerned about the performance or behaviours of an employee?  Be it a disciplinary, or sickness management case, handling a grievance or performance issue, Acorn Support will assist with ensuring the right actions are in place.


How robust are your contracts of employment and policies to support the needs of your business?  Do you review your policies on a regular basis?  If not, we can provide a review for you.


Are you recruiting?  What a great position to be in, but how time consuming is it?  When it comes to writing the job description, considering the placement of advertisements or working with recruitment agencies, they will all take time.  How do you also ensure that the interviewing process helps you identify the right person for the job and the business?  We can help you with the whole process or any single element.  Invest the time in recruiting is an investment in the future of your employees.  Getting recruitment right is fantastic; getting it wrong is very costly.